Buying a property is like deciding which stock to buy in the stock market ?

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Buying a property is like deciding which stock to buy in the stock market ?

Mr. Patil decided to buy DOW JONES 30 (which consists of 30 company shares). He decided to buy shares of each company separately.
But he decided not to buy *1* Boeing Co - which is a non-dividend paying loss-making company and *2* Salesforce - which does not pay dividends?
As Mr. Patil had limited knowledge, he bought 28 company shares and avoided 2 companies from the DOW 30 list of companies.

While Mr. Patel not only removed the *1* Boeing Co and *2* Salesforce from his buying list but also consulted a stock consultant or advisor. Mr. Patel was wiser in appointing a stock consultant who also advised him, on how much to buy, which of the companies will be possibly removed, and which companies would possibly be added to DOW 30 in 2023.  According to the stock consultant Mr. Patel removed 4 more companies from the DOW 30 from investing. Hence Patel bought 24 companies and Patil bought 28 companies. Mr. Patel's consultant also helped Mr. Patel to buy and sell the 24 companies at a right time.
Having a stock consultant made Patel's investment grow better than Patil's. is your real estate consultant who provides you with such research amongst the under-construction property *1* organizes multiple project visits. *2* which project is good/compare *3* which apartment in the project is better *4* which floor is a better choice *5* what config best suits you.* is like Mr. Patil's stock market consultant till the very end, until the handover of the apartment & then assist you in either selling or renting the same.

We are RERA registered and charge 0% Brokerage on all under-construction PROJECTS.

Moral of the story: Although DOW 30 is considered the best of the companies, Mr. Patel and Mr. Patil wanted dividends and decided to opt out of 2 companies on their own research, out of 30 companies in DOW 30 stocks, moreover as Mr. Patel hired a consultant who helped him further remove 4 companies from DOW 30 companies from investing while Mr. Patil had no consultant. The performance of Mr. Patel with a consultant was better.

Likewise in Real Estate having a consultant for NEW PROJECTS / UNDER CONSTRUCTION PROJECT makes no difference to buyers as no brokerage is paid - 0% brokerage and at times the developer can give more favors to you - as it's a journey of construction link plan until the project is ready. Also, you may be surprised because of booking the apartment where the consultant is involved builder provides a better perk for the client (you) in order to maintain the builder-consultant relationship to bring more clients/business. When you book on your own you are booking one apartment while when you book with a real estate consultant, the consultant is booking more apartments in builders multiple projects.

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